How To Save Money With Clothes

For some addiction, for others just a need, the truth is that no one lives without clothes and accessories. Especially at times of the year like this, when the season change is approaching, store windows become more attractive to consumers, but after all spending on summer vacations, saving and rebalancing the personal budget should be […]

Get private credit at the best rate

Private credit is a simple and quick answer To buy a new vehicle, go on a trip, pay off debts or face an unforeseen event, private credit is a simple and quick answer to all the needs of individuals. Also called personal loan, this type of financing is offered by a large number of financial […]

Is it a good idea to hire a mortgage broker?

As an entrepreneur I have the opportunity to hear about many businesses. The mortgage broker moved me. Would I like to have a personalized advisor to help me make the best decision about an important business in my life? Clear. And, if that advice were free … I didn’t think about it anymore. The mortgage […]

Save more money by spending more! | Credits

If your money is tight, it’s instinctive to always try to buy the cheapest, whether it’s pasta or sofa. However, there are situations where the cheapest option is not the best choice for a long run, even when money is low: the poor are not worth buying cheap, says the old proverb. We listed four […]

Is an appraisal necessary for the transfer of mortgage credit?

One of the requirements for the transfer of a mortgage loan from one bank to another is to perform the appraisal of the property, that is, to hire the services of a professional appraisal expert to establish the price of the property. This happens even in relatively new properties! It seems easier to set the […]

When to save using a term deposit? | Mortgage Loan

Once you have saved a significant amount of money, you can consider placing it in an instrument that is more profitable for you. Here’s how to save using a term deposit. What is a term deposit? A term deposit, colloquially known as a fixed term deposit, is a savings instrument. In this you place your […]

5 steps on how to build a good credit rating for your SME

It is well known in today’s economy that maintaining a good personal credit rating is a good idea. It matters when you want to rent an apartment, set up a telephone subscription, rent a car, take out a loan or have a job where you have to deal with cash. It also affects you as […]

Borrow here and now in the Payday Loan mobile application!

We use smartphones and mobile applications more often because it is a very convenient solution. That is why we have created the Loan Payday mobile application to make borrowing even simpler and definitely more convenient. Just download our application to have access to your finances 24/7! LoanPayday offers quick loans online without any unnecessary formalities, […]

Consumer Loans | Find and apply the cheapest consumer loans quickly and easily

More and more Danes are taking advantage of borrowing for consumption, as the benefits are extremely attractive to many. There are several benefits to consumer loans, of which fast disbursement is among the most important for many consumers. The hallmark of consumer loans is the degree of speed in all elements of the loan. In […]

What is the commission of the mortgage brokers?

The commission of the mortgage brokers are canceled by the entities that have contracted with them. This is not charged to the client, but there must be fully constituted and responsible entities or individuals. The value of a commission to collect is established between 3 and 5% by rule. The issue of the mortgage broker […]

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